Hi, my name is Roger Osborne and in the next 5 minutes you could begin learning how to catch your own fresh beach worms for bait.

Beach worms are the best bait for sand whiting of the beach, and in my opinion, also for bream.

Beach worming is just as much fun as fishing and provides you with an amazing bait that fish love.

Master the art of beach worming and you have a skill for life!


Fishing has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I have always been interested in the ocean and all of the amazing species of fish. The spirit of a hunter is alive in me. There is nothing more satisfying than using all of your skills to target a species of fish and successfully capturing it. I enjoy the adventure, being resourceful and providing delicious food for myself and for my family.

My grandfather and my father were both keen fishermen. When I was 10 years old my father Bryan began to take me down to the beach to catch beach worms, my dad had been taught to catch beach worms by a mate of his named Sonny Swan, Sonny was a great beach fisherman. This is where I learnt to catch beach worms.

My father was a pliers man however I wanted to be able to catch worms with my fingers, so each time that we went worming after I had caught a couple of worms I would put the pliers away and force myself to use my fingers. I would practice catching worms with my fingers. Once I was able to catch a few worms with my fingers I left the pliers at home because I wanted to become good at catching them with my fingers. I then threw the pliers away!


I have continued to challenge myself over the years to catch worms faster, in more difficult situations, and to target the biggest worms catching them with my fingers. I like a challenge, it’s fun and I like to improve my skills. I have now been beach worming for more than 45 years.

I have great memories of beach worming with my father, I remember finding it exciting and scary when a really big worm would stick it’s head out of the sand.

I enjoy beach worming just as much as fishing. It is awesome being on a beautiful beach doing something that is fun, challenging, and catching one of the best baits you can use for fishing off the beach and in rivers and lakes.

Over the years I have taught many people to catch beach worms and have had many people ask me to teach them. I have taught my wife to be a good beach wormer.

I know the frustrations that a lot of people have in trying to catch beach worms. I know some amazing fishermen who have just not mastered the art of beach worming but would love to.

Beach worming is difficult because it is not something that you can just walk up and do, you can’t just walk down and pull a worm out of the sand. It takes knowledge and skill.

I believe that all a person needs, is a good teacher, someone to clearly explain in detail every step to catching beach worms. I decided to write this book because I have a passion to help other fishermen experience the joy and satisfaction of catching their own beach worms.

It may seem in some cases that I am stating the obvious in this book however I want to make sure that I explain every step exactly so that you don’t miss anything that is important.

So let’s get worming!

Roger Osborne

Crescent Head Action

Crescent Head Action

With my wife Vanessa and sons Tobias, Jonah & Sasha

With my wife Vanessa and sons Tobias, Jonah & Sasha

Private chef to the Manly Sea Eagles.

Private chef to the Manly Sea Eagles.