Catching Beach Worms – Perfection?

Catching Beach Worms with your fingers

Challenges even the best beach worm catchers face.

When it comes to catching beach worms with your fingers or pliers there is no such person as a perfect beach wormer! Even professional beach wormers who spend many hours catching beach worms for sale miss beach worms( fail in an attempt to catch a worm ). They have good days and bad days.

Be encouraged!

I am writing this article to encourage you on your beach worming journey. Failure is part of learning. If you try to catch a beach worm and miss it, big deal! Just move on to the next worm. Beach worms exist in the many millions. Relax, enjoy improving your skills and being down at the beach. See some great tips on my blog post Beach Worming 5 Key Points

Often beach worms do not behave the way that you would like them to.

Apart from having the ability to catch beach worms there are a number of factors that impact on all people who catch beach worms.

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Common Challenges all Beach Worm Catchers Face

Worms not hungry.

Probably the number one problem that impacts a persons ability to catch beach worms is when the beach worms are just not hungry. Often beach worms have eaten themselves full on weed that has been washed up onto the beach.

When this is the case the beach worms are not as interested in your bait. They appear shy and don’t stick their head as far out of the sand. A worm will typically have a bit of a sniff and just slip back into the sand again. This makes the beach worms more difficult to catch.

Poor Beach Conditions

The next factor that can hinder your ability to catch plenty of worms is when there are no good sand flats on the beach. After an extended period of flat swell many of the good features for worming and fishing disappear from a beach. In these conditions you often struggle to get enough worms for a fish. Sometimes there can be almost no worms at all.

Beaches change often. A particular beach may have heaps of beach worms one week and then hardly any the next. This is not because they have all been caught. They are just not there! Check out my blog post Not All Beaches Are The Same

Absence of Beach Worms

Sometimes for reasons unknown there are not many beach worms on a beach. It is important to note that you should check several different beaches. This is my habit because beaches fluctuate in their worming productivity. Different beaches perform better at different times.

Seas Too Rough

When the seas are rough there is great amount of water movement. Waves wash up onto the beach with force and drain with just as much power. It may still be possible to catch some worms. If you are a beginner it certainly makes the degree of difficulty much harder. An experienced beach wormer will still catch worms. Often you get soaked in rough conditions because the waves hit you much harder.

I hope that this article has been helpful.

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If you have any questions leave a comment, or if you have encountered other obstacles that hinder catching beach worms let me know.

Cheers Roger


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