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Beach Worming – Five Key Points

Catching Beach Worms – Detailed Instruction With Roger Osborne BEACH POSITION – proximity to wave zone When you are catching Beach Worms you will find worms at different positions on the beach. Some beach worms are higher up the beach and some lower down closer to the deep water. When you are learning it is better to target the worms that are higher up the beach. The reason for this is that you will have more time in between waves
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The Mega Worm – A True Story

Beach Worms Australia The Mega Worm! I laugh when I remember this time with my father, I think that I had worm nightmares afterwards and dreams of giant beach worms coming out of the sand. When I was about 11 years of age, one morning I went beach worming with my father Bryan. My dad had always been a super keen fisherman and I think that I picked up the fishing gene. When you are beach worming, worms of different
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Not All Beaches Are The Same!

Not All Beaches Are The Same! These fundamental beach worming tips will help to be more productive and successful with your beach worming. Yes, I know it sounds obvious but you catch beach worms in the sand at the beach! However not all beaches are the same. Some beaches have fine grained sand others have coarse grained sand. There are beaches with a combination of coarse sand, small rocks and shells. Not all beaches have a population of worms! On
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