Breaking All The Rules

Surf Fishing

If you have been a fisherman for very long you will understand that sometimes surf fishing is unpredictable. Often the most important thing is just to have a line in the water. Anything can happen!

One of the best fishermen that I know, simply goes fishing, regardless of tide, time, and conditions. He gets amazing fish when you wouldn’t expect it.

Recently, while I was filming my Beach Worming Masterclass, I told my videographer that I would bring a fishing rod with me down to the beach and do some surf fishing the following morning, because I wanted to film showing people how to put beach worms on to a hook. I also explained that sometimes, while I am beach worming, I throw out a line and have it set there. Most times I actually catch fish at the same time as beach worming.

Morning Beach Worming and Surf Fishing Session

This particular morning we were at the beach at 8:30 am. The sun had well and truly risen. It was a beautiful, bright, sparkly, sunny day. Just a pleasure to be at the beach.We were there to catch worms and film worming stuff. The fishing was a by product.

From a fishing point of view, it was really the wrong recipe for success. Bright sun, low tide, small swell, crystal clear shallow water, surfers right in front of us, and it’s winter.We filmed baiting a beach worm on the hook and I tossed my line out.

I had only just placed my line in the rod holder and wound up the slack when I got a bite straight away! It is always exciting to get a bite. I picked the rod up, waited, set the hook and proceeded to play the fish. Awesome, not one fish but two, a double hook up on Whiting ( I usually use a 2 hook rig ). I re-baited and threw out again. I wanted to get back to filming. The same thing happened again, a fish on within seconds of putting the rod down. This time a nice Australian Salmon.

I am thinking, this is now becoming a distraction. I am not here to fish.

Just Go Fishing

Every time I threw my line in the water, I was getting hammered. It got to the point where I said “I am just not going to throw it out again!” I had to stop and focus on what I was there to do. On top of the worming, we ended up with a lovely feed of fish that I filleted and gave to my videographer to take home for dinner.

Beach worms are undoubtedly a great bait, but this illustrates that when you have the time, just go fishing. Even if the tide is wrong etc…..

We live such busy lives, we need to make the most of the time that we have available, and go fishing with our mates when we can.

Happy Worming, and Fishing.

Roger Osborne


  1. Derryn Nicholls

    Made my day. Tired of people walking past me saying “It’s not the right time, tide etc” when all I want to do is fish!!!! Thank you

    • Roger Osborne

      Hi Derryn,
      Sorry for the slow reply, I have been away on holidays.
      I am glad that you are encouraged by my article. Myself and other good fishermen that I know catch heaps of fish on the wrong tide and at the wrong time of day.
      The only other thing that I would like to add, is that if you are a rock fisherman, definitely don’t go when the seas are rough, there are other places to fish.
      I have been a passionate rock fisherman for almost 40 years and sometimes fish all night. It is an awesome thing to do!, I love it. I generally go rock fishing when the swell is 1 meter or less, or in a protected bay.


  2. Philip Spurway

    My thoughts exactly mate if you have to wait for the right time tide even the weather then you are going to be miserable what I`m trying to say is GO FISHING BE HAPPY

    • Roger Osborne

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your message. Yes, just go fishing, the days go by too quickly. If you are a rock fisherman (like me) don’t go when the seas are too rough 🙂

  3. Clem Collier

    Hey Roger…….I`m just reading this & couldn`t agree more……mind you I`m 80 yrs.& in Thailand but can`t wait to get back to OZ & take my wife,who is Chinese & never been fishing in her life.
    She thought you were a magician,pulling those worms out of the sand.
    Great times ahead !……,,thanks mate.

  4. Dave Highet

    Hi Roger, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago and have taken up fishing again. Your YouTube videos are fantastic, especially the one with your best surf rigs. You have really inspired me to go chase flathead and mulloway. Cheers

    • Roger Osborne

      Hi Dave, Glad I have inspired you and been of some help. Fresh air is good. Man can do some things when it comes to healing your body but nothing is impossible with God (Jesus).
      Start reading the Bible, the New Testament, pour out your concerns/desires to your heavenly father. Roger

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