The Mega Worm – A True Story

Beach Worms Australia

The Mega Worm!

I laugh when I remember this time with my father, I think that I had worm nightmares afterwards and dreams of giant beach worms
coming out of the sand.
When I was about 11 years of age, one morning I went beach worming with my father Bryan. My dad had always been a super keen fisherman and I think
that I picked up the fishing gene. When you are beach worming, worms of different sizes will stick their heads up out of the sand. It is always exciting and a
bit daunting when you see a really big worm lift its head out of the sand in search of your bait.

If you have ever been worming you will know what I mean. It’s like, how on earth am I going to catch that!! We all know how strong the really big worms are.
We were at Collaroy Beach in Sydney where I was waving my bait back and forth in search of worms, when this absolutely massive worm put its head up out of the sand and sniffed around ravenously. I looked at it and thought, ‘oh my gosh’.
Both fear and excitement ran through me at the same time. I knew this was too big for me, quick I’d better call dad. I yelled out to my dad, “Dad you’ve got to come here and see
this.” My father came over and I pointed to where the huge worm was. Dad waited for the next wave to come up and wash back to reveal what I had found. When he saw the worm he
was in awe just like me.

I said “come on dad you can do it”. So dad latched on to the worm, with both hands. The worm started to pull my father’s hands under the sand. He yelled out “quick start digging around the worm and help me, I can’t hold it” I started madly digging around the worm and removing sand so that I could try and help dad to pull the worm out. I got hold of the worm with both of my hands.
So there we were, both of us holding on to this worm with all the strength that we had. The worm was winning. We couldn’t budge it.

This Beach Worm Was So Big We Needed Help!!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a jogger running along the beach towards us. As he drew closer I desperately yelled out, “hey mate quickly come over here and help us” I urgently explained to the jogger that we had hold of a huge beach worm and we were struggling to pull it out, I asked him if he could quickly start digging and help us. I’m still laughing as I write this and picture the scene.
The jogger began to dig frantically. Now there were three of us tussling with this worm. As the jogger was trying to get hold of the worm it broke. (We had a rush of adrenaline and at the same
time disappointment).

We all had a laugh and I thanked the jogger for trying to help us. All we ended up with was a piece of worm about 12 cm long, the worm’s head and shoulders.
What an adventure! I have never forgotten it. Yes, a true story.

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